Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trip to the Nutritionist

This afternoon Mr. T and I visited the nutritionist. (Please keep in mind that if you have allergies, please speak to your health care professional about what you should and should not eat. This is based on my experience and my health care providers opinions.) Since I have gone on an elimination diet I wanted to make sure that I was getting the nutrients that he and I needed. I knew a lot of what she gave me already, since this is not our first trip to the nutritionist and we have been dealing with food allergies for three years. The afternoon that Mr. T was diagnosed with his soy allergy I started doing research and ended up with a lot of questions. I called the allergists office and questioned whether it was okay for me to eat soybean oil, since it is not considered an allergen by the FDA. I was told by the nurse that even though it was not considered an allergen, (unless it was gourmet) that I still needed to stay away from it. I told the nutritionist the nurse told me to stay away from it, and she told me that soybean oil (and broken down casein- which is milk) are in hypoallergenic formula, and that she felt it was safe for me to eat, but that I needed to make the decision for myself. I was also told that soy lecithin is safe for those who have a soy allergy, so that if a food only included soy lecithin it was safe for me to eat. So with those additional ingredients I feel like a few more doors have opened up to me. I am going to try to eat foods with those ingredients, unless Mr. T’s eczema starts to get bad again and then I will cut them out.

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