Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to Save Money with Allergies

When it comes to buying food for someone with food allergies, it tends to be a lot more expensive than it is to buy food for someone without food allergies. For example, a gallon of cows milk where I live is usually priced between 1.88 and 2.30, I can buy Silk soy milk for 2.99 for a half gallon, which means a gallon is 5.98, which is a lot better than Rice milk, which is sold by the quart for 1.99, so a gallon is 7.96 (four times more than I pay for cows milk!) So for the last three years I have tried to find ways to cut down on my food expensives, while still purchasing food my children can eat. Here are some of my pointers for making buying allergy free less painful.

1. Watch for sales- allergy free food does go on sale, but it is usually not advertised in the sales circular. I make it a point to always hit the health food section every time I go to the store, because I have found that they often have something on sale that I use, or have reduced foods that are discountinued or close to the sell by date. About a month ago I found Enjoy Life Ginger Snap cookies marked down 50 percent!

2. Cook from scratch- I have started to make myself a lot more food from scratch, first of all it is much better for you, but it is also a lot cheaper.

3. Check labels of foods that aren't in the health food section, they may suprise you! I found out about a month ago, that Krogers sells chocolate chips that J and Pricncess R can both eat (unfortunately they contain soy ;( but they were 1.79 a bag instead of 3.99 a bag.

4. Check company websites for coupons- this has been a huge money saver for me. Here are a few sites that I found coupons:

Silk Soy Milk

Turtle Mountain (So Delicious Products)

Enjoy Life

Whole Foods

(Remember you can stack a Whole Foods store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for even more savings)

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