Friday, September 2, 2011

School Week Two, Letter B

This week I created a new bin of toys for T (18 months old). Unfortunately I just took the picture, and I should have taken the picture prior to giving him the bin, not at the end of the week since a few pieces are missing. Here is what is in his bin:
Winnie the Pooh stacking toy (the Pooh bear for the top is MIA- I saw him this morning but when I need him, he is nowhere to be found!)
Small metal bucket with pom-poms to dump
Plastic car
Eric Carl wooden magnet puzzle
Fabric book
Crayola toys (there is at least one and maybe two pieces missing)


Week two was a bit more challenging- I think that the novelty of school wore off for my three year old. We studied the letter B this week. To reinforce the letter we read a book every day. We read Brown Bear (I made the Heads and Tails puzzle from 1+1+1=1), Babar, Babar loses His Crown, The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor, and Bess and Bill (a book that is focuses on the letter B).

For our snack time we ate bear cookies (Teddy Grahams), bear candy (gummy bears), blueberries, bananas and made brownies.

To reinforce the letter B our crafts were butterflies made from tissue paper and pipe cleaners, made binoculars, did do-a-dot paint on the letter B (from Confessions of a Homeschooler), glued buttons on the letter B and made brownies.

These are the trays that I created for my princess this week:

Coloring book and Shape Hunt and Sort

Measure it and Counting/Matching (Gummy) Bears

Play-Doh Mat and writing on a dry erase board

My old Quiet Book (made by my Grandma) and Pom-pom Patterns

Letter B items and A-Z Spoon Match-up (she was definately overwhelmed and next time I think I would only do 4-5 at a time)

Stencils and Practicing folding

We continued on with days 4-7 of creation. For day 4 we created the ocean with foam pieces on blue paper, day 5 we made sun masks, day 6 (not shown) we "named" the animals with our huge collection of little animals, day 7 (not shown) we reviewed with our creation magnets from So Simple So Sweet, and then created the Days of Creation mini book.

We are still working in our Singapore math book but I had J do an acitvity with manipulatives (number magnets and mega blocks) I think it was too easy for him so next week I am hoping to come up with harder activities for him.

Food Group Mini Unit
We continued studying healthy eating by making a healthy snack tray for our refrigerator (it currenly has string cheese, yogurt, and carrots and it also had watermelon, strawberries and grapes but the kids demolished those off very quickly!). We watched a DVD about healthy eating made by Scholastic and made a lap book from Learning 4 Fun.

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