Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unexpected suprises at Kroger!

On Saturday I drug my whole family to Kroger (if I have to go to the grocery store on the weekend EVERYONE has to go!) I love going to the Marketplace Kroger because I always seem to find something new, unfortunately there is not a Marketplace Kroger in our county, but three within about 10-15 miles of us. Well I was walking up the aisles and for some reason I decided to look at the ingredients in the McCormick Beer Battered Seafood Batter Mix- I was convinced this must have ingredients we could not have in our house, but after looking at the ingredients the only major allergen I found was wheat, so I was pumped. I decided to try my luck and look at the box next to it, which was the Hush Puppy mix, it only contained wheat as well. Plus on both mixes you don't need to add anything that we are allergic to in our house- major bonus!! I also spotted the Private Selection Japanese Style Panko bread crumbs- all the bread crumbs that I have looked at contain milk, eggs and soy (or all three), well these only contained wheat so now I have a bread crumb option instead of making my own. I am planning on incorporating all three of these into my meal plan for next week.

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