Monday, April 4, 2011

Allergy Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

The first Easter after my oldest son was diagnosed with food allergies I struggled with what to use to fill his Easter basket. Growing up we mostly recieved candy (and a few trinkets in our baskets) and I wanted his Easter basket to be like what we had growing up. I was unaware that there were actually quite a few different types of candies that he could have. Here is a list of candy (and some other fun ideas) that you could use to fill a basket. Please always check labels if your child has food allergies since ingredients, suppliers and manufacturing processes can change.

Candy and Sweets:

Peeps- we love Peeps and who wouldn't they are made a coated with sugar!!

Divvies- they sell candy as well as cookies, cupcakes and carmel corn

Other fun ideas:

Baby Ideas- I think babies are the hardest to shop for. Some ideas for babies are sensory blankets, onesies and other soft toys or books. Cuddles and Love sells great sensory blankets and onesies at her etsy shop.

Craft supplies

DVDs- My kids love movies (especially now since we got rid of our satellite tv!).

Eco-Friendly Crayons- Many Etsy shops sell eco-friendly crayons in different shapes and colors. For Christmas I bought my children Lego crayons and they were a huge hit! You could also make your own, ebay sells molds or you purchase molds from various stores.

Felt Play Toys/Food- If you are interesteed in felt food Mama's Felt Cafe is an etsy shop that specializes in adroable felt food. Her blog also contains tutorials so you can make your own felt foods.

Homemade Items- I was actually planning on making my son a set of stuffed Angry Birds for Easter, but I am quickly running out of time so they are going to be a birthday gift (I am hoping to get them done by June) my son loves homemade gifts I think he realizes the time that I have put into homemade gifts.

Stuffed Animals

Sidewalk Chalk

Sign Language DVDs- We like Sign-A-Lot. They are great for preschool and elementary children. My kids love these DVDs (and they don't realize they are learning!)

Wooden Toys- I love wooden toys- they are durable which is important with little ones. I love the shop Apple n Amos she has a great selection.

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Kathy said...

As an allergy family ourselves we are good friends with the peeps for easter! Funny thing is I never had them as a kid! I fill the kids baskets with many of the things you suggest, I also love books, there are some great spring themed books to tuck in a bakset! Thanks for the great post!

ErikaRose said...

Babies are hard to shop for! I made Easter baskets for my 6 month old son, 7 month old neice, and 4 year old neice. My older neice has the most in her basket, and I didn't have any trouble finding anything.

Eos Mom said...

These are great ideas!!! My son's first Easter (at the time, he was allergic to EVERYTHING (almost)), I wondered how to fill his basket. In the end, I really embraced avoiding candy. Instead our baskets are full of toys and books. Although in recent years, as he can tolerate more foods, I've included a few hershey kisses or a chocolate cross. Toys last longer than candy anyway! ;-) Also, instead of filling eggs with candy, I've used socks, quarters, and stickers.