Monday, April 25, 2011

Mother's Day Giveaway from Tales from the Motherhood

Tales from the Motherhood is my favorite mom blog, it is run by Wendy Hagen. Wendy is a stay at home mom to three adorable kids and is a former child star. She shares hilarious stories about her life with her kids and stories from her own childhood as a child star. Wendy is holding a huge Mother's Day Giveaway. To enter you must answer four of five questions about your mom and then link your answers (or if you don't run your own blog post them in your comment). I love my mom and she is the greatest woman I know. Here are my answers to Wendy's questions:

1. What is your best childhood memory with your mom?

One of my favorite memories with my mom was a tradition she had with me and my sister every Christmas. We would help her make and decorate Christmas cookies and a full-sized gingerbread house every year. She is the best cook and we always had a great time helping her in the kitchen!

2. Was she consistent with discipline?

Yes, my mom was consistent with her discipline. I felt she disciplined us harder than my dad (I hope you are not reading this dad, but you know that this is the truth) and we always asked her not to punish us but to let dad punish us!

4. Do you remember any special things your mom did for you?

My mom is so thoughtful. I remember when I went away to college she made a box filled with little presents. She told me that everytime I got lonely to open one of the gifts and think of her.

5. Did she teach you anything significant?

My mom taught me a lot. She taught me about God, and why we need a personal relationship with him, she taught me to cook and how to treat others. My mom is the sweetest, friendliest person I know (we joke about how she would become best friends with the person she is sitting next to on an airplane!)

I love you mom- thanks for being the best mom ever!!

If you would like to enter Wendy's giveaway please click here.

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TDM Wendy said...

Ahhh - thanks for joining in. Your mom sounds awesome! I want to see pics of one of those gingerbread houses!