Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Bag Swap

As if I did not have enough to do, I signed up for Unsolicited Advice's K-2nd grade busy bag swap. I am so excited and cannot wait to recieve my box (I only got the email yesterday so I know the box is about a month away!) That being said I am already finished with my assigned activity! I was assigned pinchers and small things. I purchased plastic tongs from The Dollar Store (they come four to a package and were located in the seasonal section in my store), pom poms from The Dollar Store and plastic containers (they come four to a package) from The Dollar Store. I also included some miscellaneous buttons so the children could have a variety of sizes and shapes to use and not just pom poms.

The goal for each bag is to keep it to $1/bag or less (which I did) and that everything fit in a resealable bag. I will send it off to the coordinator of my group and then will receive back 30 different activities for my son. This ends up costing about $60 (since it is about $30 for the 30 activities, $15 to ship the box to the coordinator and I will send $15 to the coordinator to mail my box back).

My husband was not too keen on the cost, but it is well worth it to me because I know to duplicate all 30 activities would be more than $30 , plus my time to put it all together is well worth more than $30. If you are interested she has done other swaps in the past: a toddler swap, Pre-K swap, and a K-2nd swap. She is also planning on a K-2nd reading and math activities swap in the future. Even if you are not interested in the swap she has great busy bag activity ideas that are great for keeping your child busy when homeschooling, traveling or whenever they are bored!

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