Friday, August 19, 2011

Gnome Project

Since we still have not sold our home we are still taking the long road trip to visit my husband every few weeks. The first trip I had tons of activities for the car and we had our travel DVD player. The kids barely played with the activities and instead wanted to watch movies. The second trip I brought all our kids DVDs and only a few activities. Of course they asked for their activities and I was not as prepared. So this next trip I have decided to be prepared this time (which means they probably will only play with them for a few minutes. Here is one of our new activities: color gnomes. Right now I have only made eight, but once I am less busy (will that ever happen) I plan on making more. They are super easy and I got my inspiration from Little Red Whimsy and adorable etsy shop, and hers are definately cuter with hair and faces. They are made of unfinished wooden people from Hobby Lobby (the regular price is 2.99 for a bag of 8 people), hot glue and felt.

All I did was cut two small pieces of felt and attach them for clothing and a hat with the hot glue gun.

I was planning on keeping these a suprise but my two sons saw them before they were finished (the one who is 18 months won't remember but I guarantee the 5 year old will ask for them as soon as they are in the car.)

I have linked up this post to Sugar & Spice on Seven Thirty Three, click on the button for more great craft ideas for little (and big) girls!

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