Monday, August 8, 2011

My Great Trip to Walmart and the Gap Outlet

I am not a blogger that typically writes about money saving shopping trips but I was so excited about a shopping trip this week. My first stop was to the Gap Outlet. I love this store. I am always able to find something great for really cheap. This is a store that is located in a warehouse park and everything is sold as is and there are no returns or refunds (so buyer beware) but if you can take the time an effort you can get some great deals. Here is what I found this trip:
Two t-shirts for me, three tank tops for my daughter, a pair of socks for her and a bathing suit for next year for her. All for $3.50!! I was so excited!

I had to go to Wal-Mart for a few items (not my favorite place to shop, but it is convienent when you need multiple types of items and only want to go to one store). But I was glad I stopped there- I love to hit their $1 and $2 racks and I am always sad I don't pick-up more when I leave. I have not hit this good of clearance there since January and here is what I found:
Two shirts and a pair of jeans for my daughter and a dress-up outfit for my little guy (it is 4T and he is only 18 months but for $2 he will grow into it!)

For my five year old I hit the jackpot! Eleven shirts, three pairs of pants and a pj bottom. My favorite is the lego t-shirt with a pen and two mini-figs for only $1 (I bought two identical shirts- I have lots of boys to buy for so one will probably be a gift!)
My two trips totalled $24, I was very happy since I have not done well lately finding good clothing at garage sales. Clothing for older kids is harder to come by and my target price is about $.50 a piece, but for $1/piece of brand new clothing I am very happy!

Keep your eyes open for Wal-mart clearance racks!

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