Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Official Start of School!!!

After a failed attempt to start this summer (which was totally my fault, since I lacked a lot of planning and with all the craziness I really need the planning) we are officially starting school on Wednesday, August 24th! J is starting kindergarten and my princess with be starting preschool. I know I am probably totally insane, but I really do not have a cirriculum. I went to a homeschool convention in March searching for preschool cirriculum, handwriting cirriculum, Bible cirriculum and math cirriculum and all I found was math! I did not like any of the cirriculum they were selling so I decided to take on the very big job of making-up my own (which since I do not have an education background- I have a Masters in Business, has been a lot of work) but there are tons of blogs out there, that if you have time you can find oodles of ideas- TIME being the key! So without further ado here are our plans for the school year:

Bible- Every week has a theme here are the themes I have decided to start with:

Creation (spread to a week and a half of lessons- one day of creation per day)

Adam and Eve and the Fall

Noah's Ark

Joseph and his Brothers

Joseph in Egypt

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

Daniel and the Lions Den


The Tower of Babel

Moses- this will continue for a couple weeks

Math- J is currently working on Singapore Math- Kindergarden Early Bird book, my little princess with be learning her numbers up to 10 (maybe up to 20...)

Reading- J is continuing on with Hooked on Phonics (I will be starting my daughter on the preschool version as well) and using readers to reinforce. For preschool we will also be featuring a letter every week with crafts, snacks, books and activities for each letter.

Mini-Units- Every two weeks we will be featuring a new mini-unit. I love the idea of unit studies and this is my way of incorporating that into our school. We will be reading themed books, doing activities, crafts, eating snacks based on that unit, and every month the sensory box will be based on one of the two units. The units that I have so far are:

Nutrition/Food Groups


Geography: North Carolina

The Farm



Tall Tales (Paul Bunyan, Davy Crockett, Johnny Appleseed...)



Weather (Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes)

Ancient Egypt

I am planning on posting about our first week at the end of the week and will also posting our first mini-unit: Nutrition.

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