Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun Suprises at the Dollar Store!!!

We went the the Dollar Store today after church and while we were waiting in line I saw small individual bags of animal crackers in the snack aisle. I decided to check the ingredients and all they contained were wheat and soy, so I thought they would be perfect for my son's preschool snack bag. I also decided to look at the Moon Pies- which also only included wheat and soy (however they are produced in a factory with peanuts and treenuts, but since J's peanut levels are pretty low we have decided to start giving both of the older kids foods with this warning, but only if my husband and I are with them- we don't want to take that chance if someone else is watching them and is not familar with the epi). Next I checked out the fudge striped cookies, which also only contained wheat and soy (which was really shocking to me) and the E L Fudge chocolate grahams which also only contained wheat and soy. So we left the Dollar Store with four new snacks for the kids to try. After lunch we let the kids try the Moon Pies (did I mention that chocolate and marshmellows have to be their favorite foods) and they both loved them!

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