Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snack Pack Pudding

Yesterday while walking the aisles at Meijer (which is by far not my favorite thing to do!) I decided to check out the ingredients of the Snack Pack Pudding. All of their pudding has milk in it with the exception of the Lemon pudding. Of course I grabbed one for my little ones to try out. They have never eatten pudding- even Princess R who is not allergic to milk- I have never made it or bought it for her since her brother can't have it. Both children enjoy lemon flavored things so I thought I would give it a shot. J really liked it and almost finished it and Princess R ate about half of hers- so I think that the pudding was a success (they would have probably eatten more if they had not just eatten a hot dog and watermelon for lunch and my daughter was also very interested in watching tv too). Jell-o also makes some instant pudding flavors that do not have any of the top 8 food allergens, just check the label and substitute whichever type of milk you use- but I will caution you do not use vanilla flavored milk- the vanilla really comes through the pudding and that is all you taste.

**Update- after putting the remaining pudding away I noticed that the lids stated that they contain real milk (I did not notice this before I fed them to J and milk was not on the ingredients list) so I contacted Hunts. They emailed me back and reassured me that the lemon flavor does not contain milk.

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