Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kroger Chocolate Chip Recall

I stopped by Kroger yesterday to quickly pick-up a couple of things and on the bottom of my receipt was a message about a recall that affected me. They were recalling the Kroger Value Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips with all best by dates ending in 2012. The product is being recalled because they do not list that they may contain milk. I was actually pretty bummed about this recall. I discovered these chocolate chips early on this summer and bought several packages because the only allergen they listed was soy and they only cost $1.79 instead of the $3.99 I pay for the Enjoy Life chips. I have been feeding these chocolate chips to J, who has a milk allergy since I purcahsed them and I have not noticed any reactions to the chips. If you are interested in the recall here is the link to Kroger's recall information.

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