Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Curriculum Week One

I have decided to start kindergarden and preschool for my son and daughter this week. This is what we are doing this week:

Sensory Box for June (this will be listed later on this week): Beach/Ocean

Bible: The creation story. We are reading the story as well as using a magnet set I purchased from So Simple So Sweet. Memory verse Gen.1:1.


Reading: He will continue reinforcing his reading skills by reading the Hooked on Phonics readers. We are also trying to memorize the first five sight words.

Math: He has started Singapore Math Earlybird Kindergarden Mathematics. He is currently reviewing writing his numbers.

Science: Our science is very laid back, but J is so interested in science that as long as he is interested I am going to continue with it. This month we are studying tornadoes. We are going to do an "experiment on tornadoes" that I found in Usborne 100 Science Experiments (this is a great book made for preschool and elementary school kids) I have checked out several books from the library about volcanoes:

National Geographic Readers (this is a level 1 reader) Storms by Miriam Busch Goin

Eyewitness Books Hurricane and Tornao by Jack Challoner

Tornadoes by Mari Schuh


I never found a whole cirriculum I love for preschool so I am picking different ideas from several cirriculum and ideas I have found.

We are starting with the letter A and we are reinforcing the letter A this week. In addition to reading books focused on the letter A we are also doing other activities about the letter A, since she is a very hands-on learner:

Shaving cream letters (Put some shaving cream in a gallon size freezer bag, make sure it is completely closed! Have the child trace the letter with their fingers- I have done this on the table as well, but it is messy and not fun to clean-up!)

Dot letters- we purchased Do-A-Dot Rainbow art set and the worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler. She also has a lot of great letter worksheets.

Play Doh letters- she will be molding the letter A out of Play Doh

Letter bags- This is a great idea I got from my sister. She printed off the letter (both upper and lower case) and then laminated them and filled a freezer bag with items that start with that letter. (This will be the topic of an upcoming post).

I was not compensated by So Simple So Sweet to mention the shop in this post. I previously reviewed the shop, but the set I have mentioned I purchased from her.

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