Monday, May 2, 2011

My Half Marathon Results

Well I finished the half marathon! I love to run and the Flying Pig Marathon is a great race to run! They have thousands of participants between several events over two days. They have a lot of entertainment throughout the race and there are a lot of very colorful participants. I saw several people dressed as pigs, two guys dressed as superheroes and my husband said he saw a nude person running (I am not quite sure where he would display his running bib!) Overall it was a lot of fun and I am exhausted! I finished with a time of 1:52:52, which was great for me considering the two plus mile hill up Mt. Adams (if you haven't been to Cincinnati it is loaded with hills and almost impossible to run a great distance without encountering hills!) I finished 1162 out of 10871 overall (both mens and womens half marathon runners), 293 out of 6860 (for the womens division) and 51 out of 1102 for my age bracket. I feel great about how well I finished and would definately recommend this race to anyone who loved to run!

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