Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Divvies Review

I am so happy to share this review of Divvies with you! All three of my children have food allergies and it is important to me to find treats for them that are safe for them to eat and also taste good.

Divvies is a company that makes "fun-food" that is free of milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. It was started by Mark and Lori Sandler whose son has food allergies. Their product line consists of bakery cookies, gourmet popcorn, candy (which is also gluten free) and cupcakes. All of their cookies, popcorn and cupcakes are made in their own bakery which is free of milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and peanuts. Their candies, frosting and sprinkles are certified to be milk, egg, peanut and treenut free.

Divvies sent me a package which included their carmel corn, jelly beans,
Choco-lot Brownie cookies, and Bing-Go! Benjamint Crunch Chocolate bar.

Carmel corn- since going on a milk, egg, peanut and tree nut free diet I have not been able to eat carmel corn (which I love!) so this was a great treat! I personally think that their carmel corn tastes better than any carmel corn I have ever bought at the grocery store. It is sweet and crunchy, not sticky and chewy.

Jelly Beans- I think that their jelly beans made me a hero in the eyes of my kids. They loved them and could not get enough of them!

Choco-lot Brownie Cookies- These chocolate cookies definately filled my chocolate craving. They are filled with chocolate chips (which was a great suprise) and the top is sprinkled with sugar. My son loved them. He ate two cookies and right away asked for more and continues to ask me for a cookie every day!

Bing-Go! Benjamint Crunch- This is a semi-sweet chocolate bar with crushed organic peppermint candies throughout the bar. I really enjoyed this chocolate bar (and so did my son!). I was really suprised that he enjoyed it so much because he has never really been a huge fan of mint and chocolate together, but the peppermint is not overwhelming and was delicious!

My overall opinion of Divvies is that their treats are delicious. I am so happy that there is a company whose main focus is to have fun but yet safe treats that those with life threatening food allergies can enjoy without all the worry. Both of my older children and I really enjoyed everything. Normally my son is very hesitant to try anything new and if he does agree to try something he will try just a tiny piece and not want anymore, but not with the Divvies treats. He tried them right away and kept asking me for more.

Buy it! You can purchse Divvies at select retailers including some Whole Foods locations or online at http://www.divvies.com/

I was not compensated for this post, but was provided with the items review by Divvies.


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