Monday, March 7, 2011

There is Life in My Garden!!

I decided that this year I would start some seeds inside and then transfer them to my garden in late April/early May. I tried this last year and it seemed to work pretty well and I was able to plant vegetables that you normally cannot find plants for at the garden center or farmers market. This year I went with brussel sprouts, broccoli, purple tomatillo, yellow squash, rosemary and basil. I planted the seeds with my kids (this was massive chaos!) last Tuesday and by Saturday I started to see some little seedlinds popping up! So far the brussel sprouts and broccoli are doing great and a tiny yellow squash plant and a tiny purple tomatillo are starting to appear as well.

I am really hoping that my garden is a success this year. In addition to these plants I already have artichokes in the ground from last year (they are a two year plant), a grape vine and strawberries. We are also planning on starting a compost bin (every fertilizer I have used has not seem to help so we are going natural this year to see if it makes a difference) and my husband wants to see if we can install a large rain barrell to water the plants.


Suzanne said...

How wonderful! I'm so bad with gardening (and keeping any kind of plant alive!)

You'll have to post pics when they're flourishing! :)

Elle said...

Grats! That is so exciting. I haven't done any this year but I remember how it felt when the started popping up last year.

New follower from blog hop.

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