Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sign-A-Lot Review

Sign-A- Lot is a DVD series that teaches sign language to children. The Sign-A-Lot DVDs weave American Sign Language vocabulary through a storyline told by child performers and animated characters.

The series includes two volumes and teaches nearly 200 signs. Volume I is entitled The Big Suprise. The children are getting ready for a suprise party for their friends and they teach signs for a picnic, exercising, feelings and opposites. This DVD teaches more than eighty signs.

Volume II is called ABC Games and this DVD teaches children the alphabet, spelling, animals, colors and playground activities. This DVD introduces more than one hundred signs.

Their website also includes free song downloads from their DVDs.

Both DVDs include a special feature to review the signs that were taught. This is a great feature for parents since it enables them to review the signs so they can reinforce them with their children. By teaching children sign language you are teaching them through three different learning styles seeing, hearing and using their hands all at the same time!

I had the pleasure of reviewing both Sign-A-Lot DVDs. My son and I are currently taking a sign language class, however it is really hard to keep the attention of a 4 1/2 year old for an hour! I let him and my daughter watch volume I and the were so excited. They were both glued to the television and would participate and try some of the signs. As soon as the DVD was over my son asked to watch the second DVD. Since he was so excited about it I allowed him to watch it and just like the first DVD he was glued to the television. As soon as it was over he asked if he could watch it the next day. I allowed him to watch it the next day and he was still very entertained by it and tried the signs. He has picked-up several signs from the DVD. I really enjoyed the DVDs and think that they are a great tool to teach sign language to children. I especially like the review of signs on their special features. I would definately recommend these DVDs to teach children sign language.

Buy it! You can purchase Sign A Lot DVDs on their site or on Amazon. The Sign-A-Lot site offers free shipping on their DVDs!

All opinions in this post are my own. I was not compensated for this review, but I was provided with two DVDs by Sign-A-Lot.

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