Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Milk and Egg Food Challenge

Today my older son had a food challenge for milk and egg. For those of you who aren't familiar with what a food challenge is it is when a child who has previous tested positive for food allergies is given that food a tiny bit at a time to see if they have a reaction. J tested very low two times in a row for his milk and egg allergies so after the results of his blood test came back the doctor told us that we could now do a food challenge with a cookie that had milk and egg baked in it.

After we settled in they gave us a tiny (slightly bigger than a crumb) piece of a chocolate chip cookie that I made at home. After 20 mintues they checked back in with us and they determined that there was no reaction so they gave him a piece that was equivalent to a half teaspoon. After this piece he was also fine so 20 minutes later they gave him a teaspoon sized piece, then a two teaspoon sized piece and then the rest of the cookie. He had no reaction at all to the cookie so the doctor told me we could gradually give him more and more items that had cooked milk and egg.

J also tested really low two years in a row to peanuts so the next step is a food challenge for peanuts (which is really scary, knowing that people with peanut allergies can have anaphyllaxis reactions). So I feel like we have crossed a hurdle in J's food allergies and in six months if all goes well we can do another milk and egg food challenge but this time with a glass of milk and a scrambled egg. For now I am praying that he is healed from all his food allergies and that his sister and brother will be healed as well.

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